April 30 – May 1, 2016

The weather looked promising for getting two days of diving in. As many of you know, we’ve gone through a very difficult experience recently, but we felt getting back out on the boat was something that we needed to do. With that, we decided upon a simpler plan with a double-header weekend on the wreck of the City of Salisbury (COS). We were scheduled for this wreck on Sunday anyway, and modified our plans to dive it on Saturday as well. We decided we’d put a mooring in on Saturday to make Sunday go a little easier and faster.

Saturday was a beautiful day, with a clear sky, bright sun, but slight chill in the air. We headed out with a small group of friends. The seas were fairly calm in the morning and we had a nice ride out to the COS. Upon arrival we dropped the shot line, and Dave and Jessica splashed in to tie in the line. When they returned, Scott, Tim and I went in for our dive. The conditions were nice, and visibility was a decent 10-12 feet, which for the COS is quite respectable. We tied off a reel and I ran it out until it was nearly empty. I’d say we covered a good 350’+ of wreckage. We headed up around 40 minutes and had a good ride back to Beverly. For the afternoon, we headed back out for a CCR class. The wind had come up out of the SE by this time, and things were getting choppy out there, but we found a good spot to tuck in at the wreck of the USS NH to introduce another diver to the dark side of diving. And yes, he’s hooked.

Sunday brought the first day of this lingering bad weather that persisted for the whole following week. Again, we headed to the COS. It was gray, overcast and “raw.” Nevertheless, we were off for a day of diving. The seas were pretty calm, although we knew rain and bad weather was on the way. We found the mooring intact, got the boat secured in no time, and were off to diving. Scott and I were diving last and for our dive, we did another tour of the wreck running out the reel. It’s such a confusing wreck, but an interesting dive. We wrapped up a bit early because Scott’s suit was leaking and I too was cold. All in all, a good dive, but conditions weren’t as good as Saturday for sure. We finished up, pulled the lines, headed back to the dock, and called it a weekend.