January 30, 2016

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It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve written a dive report. That is probably because it has been a long time since I’ve written a dive report! Wow, who knew the 2015 charter season would end back in November. While we did have a fantastic time closing out 2015 with a cave diving trip to Mexico, it has been a bit too long since I’ve visited inner space, and salt water in particular. At last we had a weekend that appeared to be cooperating weather-wise to end this dry spell.

Our first official charter of the season was actually the day prior with a research group, but this would be the first one where we’d be diving and I think everyone was excited to finally get in. Of course, the weather did throw a curve ball and it did become windy, but it was W-NW and so we were able to sneak up to the Poling. We loaded up, covered everything with trashbags (a true marker of winter diving) and got off the dock early. We had a good ride up to the Poling with the wind behind us, and were even treated to finding one mooring intact!

When Dave returned, we got the dive report—first, the NERD Santa brought him was the coolest thing ever, and second, the visibility was terrible, maybe 5-10 feet. Ugh. In addition, there was surge down on the wreck. Well, we were going anyway and I still planned to take the camera since it hasn’t been in the water since Mexico and I needed to confirm everything was working OK after traveling. We suited up and splashed. Things definitely felt a little rusty, but there’s no better way to shake off cob webs than to task load the heck out of yourself. So, I knew bringing the camera along in crummy conditions would do just that.

From that point there wasn’t much left to do and Scott’s glove was leaking, so we decided to head up. All in all it was good dive, despite the conditions, and it felt good to be swimming underwater again. Unfortunately, the S-SW wind picked up overnight and into the morning blowing us out for Sunday. But I will take anything we can get in January and call it a win.