July 16-17, 2016

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After last weekend’s weather hiccup, I was pleased to see a legitimately nice forecast for the entire weekend. Our plans included some exploration diving and a trip to the Romance on Sunday. On Saturday, we we were greeted with a very nice day—light wind, flat seas and clear skies. It was, however, going to be hot. It was already fairly toasty early in the morning coming off a pretty steamy Friday.

We loaded up on Saturday and got off the dock when we had everyone aboard. We headed out to a new target. I can’t say much about it just yet, but it was an exciting day. When we finished up our dives, we headed back and unloaded, and before too long were on our way home to bask in the A/C and get prepped for the next day of diving.

The team following a great dive on an unidentified shipwreck.

The team following a great dive on an unidentified shipwreck.

Since Dave had some work-related travel, he was not going to be diving on Sunday. So, I was planning to dive with Tony, who is working on his PRISM Topaz CCR certification. I busted out my trusty Topaz, which sadly has not seen a lot of action lately since I’ve either been diving my P2 or – gasp – open circuit. Anyway, despite being hot and tired, I put my rig together and crossed my fingers it would pass the crucial negative pressure test. Anyone who’s had a Topaz knows that a 20 minute assembly can turn into 45 minutes of insanity if it has a leak somewhere. Anyway, it passed the negative, but I do need to change out some o-rings since it wasn’t holding a tight vacuum.

Sunday rolled around and it was a little overcast, but cooler. There was some E-SE wind, although it was light. As we gathered, we decided to dive the Herbert instead of the Romance to avoid the prospect of really bad visibility and needing to install a mooring. This turned out to be a good decision since we had a few equipment snags (CCR issue and a leaky pee valve on a drysuit) that thinned out the crew. I suited up with Tony and we splashed. The visibility on the surface was pretty lousy, so I knew we made a better choice going to the Herbert.

We dropped down to the wreck, got situated and then did the usual tour out to the stern section, rounding the boilers and steam engines, then taking a pass around the bow area before heading up. Visibility was about 10 feet, which is respectable for this wreck. We had a nice slow ascent and Tony did great. All in all it was a pretty good dive. We wrapped up, and headed in as the wind was picking up. Getting in a little early, we unloaded, and called it weekend. Dave headed off to the airport and I headed home to clean dive gear.

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