June 19, 2016

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With only one day of diving planned for the weekend, we were determined to make it count with our first trip of the season down to Scituate to dive the wreck of the Pinthis. As could only be expected, the wind was threatening to make our ~26 nm journey difficult, but we decided to hold out and hope for at least a good first half of the day.

We loaded up bright and early with the regular gang, plus one “alumni” who is getting back into the action. We got underway right on time and headed South to the Pinthis. It was a little breezy and we had some choppy water, but it was good enough to keep going. By the time we got down to Scituate and the wreck about 2 hours later, it had breezed up quite a bit. There was a shot line on the wreck belonging to another boat that had been intended to be tied in as a mooring, so once we located it and checked the position was still on/near the wreck, we splashed in the first team to tie it in. Before too long the cups were up and we tied off the boat. Our friend Tom was also planning a dive on the Pinthis and so once we were secure, Tom tied off to our stern and everyone got in on the diving action.

When Dave and the others returned, it was clear they had a great dive. It definitely was windy, and there was some current, but below the surface, it was quite nice with 25-30 feet of visibility. Scott, Tim and I suited up next and eagerly hit the water. Tim was shooting video and I was shooting stills. We are actually tied into the stern and not the usual location in the bow, so we took a moment to get oriented. In fact, I needed more than a moment because I was unable to find the “usual” entry point to the interior on the port side of the wreck. As it turns out, that’s because it’s gone, having collapsed. I was really surprised by this, but not really given the state and rate of decay we’ve observed over the past few seasons. We popped into the accessible portion of the engine room (even Scott can’t get through anymore) and took a few pictures. Then we swam down the length of the hull to the bow. There was a lot of current at the bow so we popped back into the wreck along the starboard side. When the current is running there I much prefer transiting back and forth inside.

Scott exploring the engine room on the Pinthis.

Scott exploring the engine room on the Pinthis.

We started making our way aft and all I can say is, “wow.” The wreck is really collapsing. The whole port side is really just coming down. The interior space is significantly reduced and there’s a whole new “twist” to the metal inside. We took pictures along the way and then poked around the engine room some more before spending the remainder of the dive swimming around the stern where we saw two nicely camouflaged sea ravens. When our bottom time was up, we headed up and did a short deco. I could tell looking at the surface it was getting rougher up there. We got back aboard and beat it.

We got out of our gear, grabbed some lunch and then enjoyed a nice ride back with a following sea. When we arrived back at the dock amidst the Sunday boater madness, we unloaded and called it a day. Overall, a great dive on the Pinthis!

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