May 14, 2016

The weather looked so nice for Saturday that I decided to throw a pair of shorts in my dry bag, just in case! Sadly, the weather did not turn out to be that nice, but it was one of the nicest days we’ve had in awhile with sunny skies, light wind and warm (albeit a bit cool on the water) temperatures. Our destination was the Herbert and I was diving with a few students for a Tech class, and this was one of our first dives to begin the class. We loaded up with a mix of open circuit and CCR divers, and departed for the Herbert, everyone eager to get in a good dive. We knew there was no mooring on the wreck, so we had one prepared.


The group enjoying a great day of diving

Upon arrival at the wreck, we dropped in the shot line and Dave and Jessica went in to tie in the line. There seemed to be a problem with the lift bag with it reaching the surface not once but twice and then sinking back to the bottom. After 2 tries, they left it there, and we tied of the boat knowing we were good, and figured on a plan to retrieve it during our dive. The next group son divers headed in while we awaited our turn to dive.

When Dave and Jessica were back, they reported good visibility of 10-15’ with ambient light. This is nice for the Herbert. They said they decided to leave the lift bag and move it to the line after it came down for a second time, so we would get it on our dive. I suited up with Josh, Brad and Scott, and we splashed in before too long. We dropped down to the wreck and Scott attached the retrieving line he had carried down with him. After a few minutes as agreed upon, the topside crew hauled the line to the surface. While this was going on, I gathered up line from our previous, broken mooring that we could recover and re-use.

Once our mooring tidy work was done, we headed aft and explored the stern section, poking around the engine and boilers. We headed forward, explored around the bow area before finally checking out the dredge off the starboard side of the wreck and calling it a dive at the end of our planned bottom time. We did a short deco and headed up. All in all it was a very nice. Unfortunately, heavy wind came in overnight on Saturday and blew out our planned dive on Sunday.

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