November 5, 2016

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The weather dial spun and landed on “yes” for diving on Saturday. After a few weeks of blow outs, and a bad weather/wind week leading up to the weekend, I wasn’t too sure if we’d be getting out even this weekend. So the story goes in October and November. The wind that roared through on Friday relaxed enough for us to make a trip to the Poling on Saturday. The forecast for Sunday was much less certain though.

Saturday rolled around and the weather was suitable—relatively light 10-15 knots out of the NW. We decided the Poling would be the best option given the overall conditions. We loaded up at our later departure time and got underway once everyone was aboard. We had a good ride up to the Poling and our pick of the moorings. We grabbed the stern mooring, and settled in. Dave and Tony headed in first, followed by the others. It was chilly out there and I found myself bundling up and ducking in the cabin to stay warm in between rounds of divers.

When Dave returned, we got the usual visibility and conditions report—murky 10-15 feet. Most others agreed so this seemed to be the consensus report. I decided, based on this information, to leave the camera behind. Scott and I suited up and splashed. We dropped down to the wreck, passing others along the way. When we reached the wreck I was indeed glad I hadn’t brought the camera. It was murky.  We swam out to the break and popped into the starboard hold. Divers from another boat were also on site, so it got crowded down there all of the sudden.

We swam back towards the stern end along the port side along the bottom. I spotted a squid hanging out, which is rare to see during the day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on the Poling. We popped into the wreck for a swim through before making another pass down the starboard side and then heading up. We did a short deco and climbed back aboard. The wind was starting to pick up, indicating increasingly poor prospects for Sunday. We headed back to Beverly, parked the boat in its winter slip at the marina. Indeed, Sunday was blown out with 20-30 knots of north wind coming through.  All in all, I am grateful any time we get out in the fall/winter months, so one dive was better than none!

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