September 25, 2016

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Having returned from Sardinia, Italy this past week, we knew that we’d likely be returning to the early days of Fall in New England. But as the weekend approached, it certainly seemed more like full-on Fall. What should have been a last hurrah for summer with a late season trip to the Pinthis complete with that final BBQ aboard the boat did not come to be. The weekend arrived with cold, blustery northerly winds, starting with a hard NE wind on Friday, before spinning around through the weekend to settle on a 20 kt NW for our charter on Sunday. For sure, the long run to the Pinthis could not happen, and we hoped that the Poling would be possible if the wind and seas did not fetch too much.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be putting my shorts and crocs away for awhile–at least if I plan to go outdoors. Sunday morning we awoke to cool temperatures–literally–in our house since we didn’t turn on the heat overnight. It was, chilly. With that, I dressed in my more typical boat clothes, which include pants, full shoes and my heavyweight hoodie. We left the house in the dark (yep, we’ll have more of that for the next few weeks) and headed over to the boat. We got things opened up and loaded our gear. Before too long, others were arriving and soon we were loaded and off the dock, bound for the Poling. The sea conditions were a little choppy, but it was much better than we could have hoped for given the wind.

We arrived on the wreck, picked up the stern mooring and began suiting up. We’re back to 400 gram undergarments, heavy hoods and dry gloves. So much for the warm waters of the Med. Dave, Feng and John splashed in and the others followed. When Dave returned, he reported great visibility of upwards of 30 feet. That was good news, it would make the transition from 100 ft of visibility in Sardinia a little easier, I supposed. Scott and I suited up. We splashed in and dropped down to the wreck. Visibility was great. However, upon reaching the bottom, my dry glove began leaking. I just replaced my blue gloves and something was not seating correctly. The leak was slow enough that I didn’t need to abort the dive, and the water is pretty comfortable too.

We took a tour through the interior. Visibility was quite good inside considering we were the last ones in there. The ambient light streaming through the wreck made for some pretty scenes. I didn’t have the camera with me though, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, we took a swim out into the sand, and then down to the break before heading back to the stern and ascending. Water was marching up my arm and had reached my elbow, so I was definitely beginning to get wet from the glove leak. We did a short deco and climbed back aboard. Nice dive and not too harsh a return from our warm-water, nice visibility trip. We headed back to Beverly, got some hot coffee, unloaded, and called it a weekend. Sadly, the Pinthis BBQ will have to wait for next season.

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