August 12-13, 2017

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With a really nice weather pattern upon us, we were set for some good dives over the weekend with a trip to the Nina T on Saturday and some exploration for a project we began working on in 2016 on Sunday.

On Saturday, our plan was the Nina T, which is a small, broken up eastern-rig fishing boat sunk near the Poling in 100 feet of water. This used to be completely intact in the late 90s to early 2000’s before it finally collapsed into a debris pile. It’s still an interesting dive with lots to explore poking through the debris. We loaded up in the rain, but winds were light and the sun was out before we knew it. It was turning into a real nice day despite the in-and-out sun.

Scott splashing in for a dive on the Nina T.

Anyway, we had to do a little mooring repair, as there was no mooring present when we arrived. But we were able to recover the old line and put a new buoy on it. So, on our dive, Scott and I did a little line work. Well, mostly Scott. I video’d him doing it. Lol. We haven’t had the GoPro in the water in awhile so I decided to take it for a spin and make sure it was working well. I got some decent video, but that’s really Dave’s department. Although I like watching video, I don’t particularly like shooting video. I prefer still photography, although I do wish a nice DSLR was available in the super small package of a GoPro set up. That sure would be nice. Anyway, visibility was very good around 20-25 feet with a moderate, annoying current. All in all it was a good dive.

Sunday we were working on our exploration project–more about that soon. Progress has been slow with a lot of bad weather for offshore, deep diving this season.