August 18, 2018

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Team X-CCR and Prism2 prepping for a dive on the Poling. Photo courtesy of Josh Rackley.

The plan was the Patriot. The weather said the plan was the Poling. Okie dokie. Welcome to August in the NE. I guess we should feel lucky to get out at all with the weather patterns we’ve been dealing with off and on throughout the year. The sea conditions were OK but not great. We deliberated on Friday whether we should make a go at it, but with deteriorating conditions, wind and afternoon thunderstorms, we decided to stay local.

We loaded up with the gang and headed up to Cape Ann. The seas were surprisingly lumpy despite light wind. We made the right call. We got up on the Poling and grabbed a mooring and settled in for diving. Dave headed in with the first wave, while Scott, Tim and I shepherded the divers in and waited our tun. Things were lumpy out there and there seemed to be a pretty good current running.

Before too long Dave was back and gave us the visibility report. It was murky, 15-20 feet with some weird current. With that, we suited up for our dive and splashed. The surface water was warm and murky. We began our descent and around 30 feet we hit the weird mid-water current. I actually lost my grip on the line momentarily and it began to pull me away pretty quickly. Anyway, I got back on the line and we proceeded down. Upon reaching the bottom we headed aft from the break to take our usual tour of the interior. Visibility really was not too good even inside so I didn’t regret leaving the camera behind.

We popped out and headed back to the break to poke around the hold and look for our wolffish friend that hangs out under the break. From there, we did a big lap around the wreck. The visibility really wasn’t good enough to venture off to the Gannett, which is looking more and more sparse each time I visit the wreck.

After our bottom time was up, we began our ascent, again encountering the weird midwater current. We reached the drop lines and did a short deco before wrapping it up. Not long after we surfaced, the clouds moved in along with the rain and thunderstorms. It got pretty sporty and we got very wet unloading the boat. The weather forecast was even worse for the next day with a no-brainer cancellation coming, so we packed up the toys and took them home, putting the boat away for the weekend. It was disappointing not getting to the Patriot. We’ve only had 1 trip there this summer – which is not for lack of trying. The darn weather just does not want to cooperate.