August 4-5, 2018

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Unstable weather arrived late in the week, just in time to disrupt our plans to visit the Unidentified Trawler wreck in Stellwagen Bank, which is unfortunate because it is a fun dive. Anyway, we revised our plans on Friday to stay inshore and make a trip to the Poling. Saturday morning arrived and it was pretty muggy, although it was also clear and the wind was light. I began to question and doubt whether or not we should have stayed in shore after all. We got off the dock and headed up to the Poling where for the time being we had the wreck to ourselves. We grabbed a mooring and settled in for diving.

When Dave returned we got the usual vis report and lo-down on anything to know. The resident wolffish was hanging out by the break, and the visibility was a murky 20-25 feet. Scott, Josh and I suited up and splashed. I hadn’t brought the camera and was just planning to enjoy a dive swimming around. We took a tour through the wreck and were heading out to the break when we encountered the divers from another charter boat that arrived at the wreck. It got pretty busy down there and everyone was keen to see the wolffish. Nonetheless, we all managed a peek and went about our way. One thing I keep noticing as I swim around the sand at the Poling is the massive sand waves from ocean storms. It is incredible, some are probably 2.5 feet from peak to trough. We’ve seen this out in the sanctuary too.

When our time was up, we headed up for a short deco and then climbed aboard the boat. We learned there was a tornado warning and the clouds back towards land looked to be that dark gray hazy color that signals thunderstorms and “weather.” We beat it for shore in torrential rain that continued through much of the afternoon. So, it was a good call after all to keep it shorter and local.

Sunday was supposed to bring much better weather, and it more or less did, but much of the day we were cloaked in heavy fog while we were out performing exploration project work. Still a pretty good day though.