COVID-19: Preparing for your trip on Gauntlet

Preparing for Diving on the Gauntlet

Welcome aboard! This guideline will help you prepare for your trip aboard Gauntlet under the COVID-19 Safety Management Plan (SMP).

November 2020 Update: The COVID-19 SMP is under review and we expect to be able to relax many if not most of the requirements. We will provide additional guidance once we begin planning for the 2021 season.


In addition to standard requirements for confirming appropriate certification, experience and providing payment information, there are COVID-19 specific criteria that must be met in order to join a trip. When looking to book a trip, you will receive the following:

Self-assessment and SMP agreement form (PDF Form and Google Form)
Gauntlet waiver and COVID-19 release (Provided separately)

The waiver will have a valid period of 6-months. The self-assessment will be completed before the trip, on the day of the trip. If you are diving both days, a captain will verbally confirm and document nothing has changed on Day 2. In this case, the assessment form will be valid for a second day.

Before the Trip:

Make sure you’re feeling good, you are healthy both physically and emotionally. These are stressful times, and diving should be fun. So please make sure you’re ready for diving.

Pack all equipment in appropriately sized plastic totes with a lid or a non-mesh bag that can be closed. The reason for this is to keep your equipment contained and out of contact as much as possible

Bring your own water. We will have some water onboard if someone absolutely needs it, but we would like you to bring your own water and keep it among your personal things to minimize the possibility of someone else touching or using it.

Once you change out of your regular clothing and into your diving suit, we will need to place your shoes in your bag or tote. We suggest bringing a plastic shopping bag to place them in, then this can be placed in your bag or tote. We cannot have shoes about the cabin, shoes must not be placed on benches or seats. Shoes are a potential vector and we need to have these contained in your personal bag/tote.

Bring a facial covering. You must be wearing a facial covering while inside the cabin. On deck, wear a facial covering as much as you can and have a place to put it amongst your personal gear as you’re suiting up. Crew will not handle your facial covering.

If you have personal hand-sanitizer or disinfectant, please bring it. We understand supplies like these are hard to find, so if you don’t have it, there will be access to disinfectant on the boat. If you forget something, we have some extras available, but they are limited so please plan ahead.

During the Trip:

When you arrive at the marina, please wait at the top of the pier and do not come down to the docks until we have gone over a short briefing with you and given the OK to bring equipment down.

Unfortunately, the dock cart is not available for everyone to use. Please bring your own hand cart if you need it.

Your equipment will be stowed on the beck deck in an assigned spot giving everyone as much space as possible. We ask that you keep your equipment and accessories in this space. Bring your scuba unit (open-circuit or CCR) fully assembled. Lights can be added later.

When you come aboard the boat, you will wash your hands with soap and water. Feel free to do this as much as you would like. We will ask you to “tidy up” the bathroom after using it. There will be disinfecting supplies/wipes. If everyone does a little bit, it will help everyone.

Your personal belongs and dry items can go inside the cabin. Again, please make sure everything is in enclosed bags. We ask that you keep wallets, phones and keys in bags and not place them on the dash.

While in the cabin you must be wearing a mask. No eating is allowed in the cabin. You may drink in the cabin so long as you minimize the amount of time you remove your mask. We do not want divers dehydrated, so please consume plenty of water on outside on the back deck.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering food on trips where we would have ordinarily provided food this year. We are not equipped to manage the end-to-end process for serving food aboard the boat in line with COVID-19 guidelines. We will allow passengers to bring a small cooler and personal food.

After the Trip:

When we unload, we will need you to clear off the dock as promptly as possible. We do not control access to the dock so we need to be mindful that the dock should really be used for transit and not hanging out.

If you would like to pay in cash, this is fine with us. Otherwise, please make sure all your payment info is current before the trip so that we can minimize exchanges and time spent wrapping things up.If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.