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COVID-19: Preparing for your trip on Gauntlet

Preparing for Diving on the Gauntlet

Welcome aboard! This guideline will help you prepare for your trip aboard Gauntlet under the COVID-19 Safety Management Plan (SMP).

Version date: 14 March 2022

Current Status: The boat is operating at full capacity. Facial coverings are not required.


In addition to standard requirements for confirming appropriate certification, experience and providing payment information, there are COVID-19 specific criteria that must be met in order to join a trip.

As part of booking, you are attesting that you meet the requirements for booking.

The 2022 Gauntlet SMP requires that you attest that:

  • You comply with MA COVID-19 Guidance
  • You have not tested positive for COVID-19 infection within 14 days prior to the trip.
  • If you’ve previously been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are fit to dive.
  • You will wear a facial covering when required.

Before the Trip:

  • You sign the Gauntlet waiver and COVID-19 release.
  • If you test positive, have a reasonable suspicion you are infected or have been exposed, do not come diving. Contact us ASAP to discuss the situation.
  • You have a facial covering. The boat has a limited supply onboard.

During the Trip:

  • You will wear a facial covering if or when required.
  • You will help keep the boat clean by utilizing cleaning supplies in the head and taking advantage of hand-washing.

After the Trip:

  • If you become aware that you have been exposed or potentially exposed (ie, someone you were in contact with tests positive) to COVID-19 after the trip, or test positive yourself within 14 days of the trip, you will let us know so we can inform others who were on the trip.