July 14, 2018

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A stalled out offshore tropical storm and the associated weather disturbances surrounding it began throwing swell at us on Thursday. This could only mean a weekend of unsettled weather patterns would be playing out. Despite that, the weather remained pretty good for Saturday’s dive to the Poling. We had a good group with a mix of open circuit, CCR and SCR divers (one RB80). We’re becoming so diverse among our diving clientele!

Congrats to Joe on completing his P2 CCR course!

We loaded up and got off the dock. Riding up to the Poling we had a brief bit of excitement with a minor mechanical issue, which we sorted quickly and allowed us to continue our trip. When we arrived at the Poling there was only one mooring present so we tied off and got ready for diving. There was some ground swell, but the wind was pretty light and overall it was a nice day. Dave and Joe splashed first followed by the others in standard fashion. When they returned we got the lo-down on the conditions – very good visibility of about 25-30 feet and strong current on the bottom. Alrighty then.

I decided to leave the camera behind since I’ve done a good coverage of this year’s Poling. Scott, Eric and I splashed down and were on the wreck in no time. There was a good current running for sure. Nevertheless we decided to make a swim out to the Gannett, which did require a little effort swimming into the current. We spent a few minutes poking around the ever diminishing wreckage before enjoying a quick drift bag to the Poling with the current mostly behind us.

After returning to the Poling we did the standard loop through the inside followed by a trip out to the break. There was a lobster pot trawl going right across the wreck, with part of the line looped and caught on some wreckage on the catwalk. I swam over and unfouled it. But unfortunately in the process I poked a little hole in my recently replaced new dryglove and my hand (and shortly thereafter my arm) began to flood. I was very annoyed, but we continued the dive since we didn’t have much time remaining anyway. We then swam back to the mooring and headed up, which was good timing because the water was working its way up my arm by that point. Oh well. At least the hole was in an easy to patch location.

When we surfaced the seas were definitely kicking up a bit with more swell and surge. We cast off and returned to Beverly where one more dive was made by John for his lost sunglasses that slipped off while unloading. Quite the exciting day!