July 2, 2017

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Looking back at the crumbled wreck of the Nina T.

The weather messed with our plans this weekend. A combination of wind, at times very dense fog and thunderstorms lead us to revise plans a few times. Our offshore plans for Sunday got scrapped and we settled for an inshore dive in some foggy, sloppy seas on Sunday with a trip to the Nina T. The Nina T is a small, now crumbled wood eastern rig dragger. It’s not far from the Poling and currently has a mooring, which made it a good alternative to the stuff we dive all the time.

We headed out Sunday morning with warm, clear weather, but by the time we reached Bakers and Misery islands, we were swallowed up by a large fog bank. The fog was quite dense and there was a decent sea running once we hit open water. We made it up to the Nina T and anchored up. Despite having the anchor light, fog horn and dive flags up, we still nearly had a very close call with a small center console boat that popped out of about 50 feet of visibility at full speed and came uncomfortably close to us before turning. Anyway, we got to diving and fortunately by midmorning, the fog bank pushed further offshore, clearing the inshore waters. Visibility on the Nina T was excellent with 30-40 feet of visibility. There was an annoying current running, but that probably helped the visibility. Tim and I had a nice time poking around the wreck. When we finished, we headed up and cruised back to Beverly enjoying  much improved weather.