July 21, 2018

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It was pretty much clear we were only getting one day of boat diving this weekend with a very consistent forecast indicating that Sunday was just going to be a crappy day with SE wind, rain and seas. So, we knew we should really enjoy Saturday’s dive. Indeed, Saturday was a beautiful day–a 10. This of course made me lament the fact we did not have more ambitious or exciting plans, but nevertheless I was looking forward to diving the Nina T. It is a small wreck, but a nice dive and alternative to the Poling.

Tim and Scott on the Nina T.

We had a few last minute cancellations, so the boat was light and spacious. I have to admit, while I don’t like seeing anyone have to cancel and get stuck with a charter cost at the last minute, it was nice having a roomy boat since we’re often cozy with a full boat. We loaded up and headed up to Cape Ann. The weather was great. We got on the Nina T and it was pretty much a millpond out there. Another charter boat was on the Poling but we had the Nina T to ourselves. There was no mooring as we expected, so we dropped in the shot line and Dave & Eric went in to tie us in.

When they were back we got kind of mixed feedback on the visibility. I decided to take the camera anyway, as I need the practice. The key to staying proficient with the camera and a CCR is to dive both a lot. We suited up and splashed. There was hardly any current we were on the wreck in no time. I set up the camera and we took a leisurely tour poking around the wreck. The wreck is pretty scattered now and it seems to get more and more that way as time goes on. It won’t be long before it looks like the Gannett.

We were also going to be pulling the line since we were not planning to leave a mooring. Tim wanted some practice so we agreed he would “do it all” (lol) while Scott and I observed. So, when the line slacked from the boat dropping off, Tim went to work on it. Once that was done, we made a nice ascent, again in no current, doing a short deco. It was a very nice dive. We climbed aboard, headed back to Beverly enjoying the sun and a cold iced tea. We knew to wrap it up though because the weather was coming, and indeed it did.