July 22, 2017

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A goosefish hanging out on the Patriot.

With only 1 day to dive thanks to a round of NE wind that took out Sunday, we were determined to make the most of it with a trip to the Patriot on Saturday. So far this season, this wreck has delivered some great dives–nice visibility, dogfish, goosefish, pollack and the usual scuplin and other assorted typical Stellwagen marine life. No whales though. Yet. Anyway, we loaded up on Saturday morning under overcast skies and got underway a bit early. The winds were light, but it was a bit of a dreary kind of day without the sun to brighten things up. Nevertheless, it looked to be a good day of diving.

We arrived on the Patriot and quickly got to diving. The current was moving on the surface and I wondered if our early arrival was going to put us in a band of strong current. Nevertheless, Dave and Josh splashed and the rest of the group followed. When they returned, we got a good conditions report. Some current on the wreck, but not terrible. In addition, they spotted 4 goosefish. We got the run down on where to look, and then Scott and I suited up for our dive.

We splashed in and dropped down to the wreck, the visibility was a little diminished from the last time were there, but most likely it was due to the cloudy skies. It was still a solid 40 feet once our eyes adjusted. We spent most of the dive swimming around the wreck in the sand where there was plenty to see, including one of the four and largest goosefish. They are pretty neat. Anyway, about halfway through our dive the current completely dropped out and we had some very nice still water to enjoy. All in all it was an excellent dive, and we enjoyed some homemade M&M chocolate chip cookies thanks to Josh (well, Josh’s girlfriend) to pass the time on the ride back.