July 8-9, 2017

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Despite some questionable weather for Saturday, we hung in there to see what the morning would bring. The weather wasn’t good on Friday and the wind looked to persist through Saturday. At best, I thought we’d get out to a local inshore wreck. Saturday morning rolled around though and the wind was very light, much lighter than predicted. The sea conditions were improving and things seemed good enough to head out for the Patriot and see how far we could get.

A school of pollack passes over the wreck of the Patriot.

We loaded up with a mix of regular and new customers and headed off to Stellwagen. Sea conditions weren’t bad, but they weren’t great either with some ENE swell making things uncomfortable at times. The wind stayed pretty light and we pressed on. We got out to the Patriot, dropped the shot and in no time we were tied in and diving. The visibility report was excellent with 30-40+ feet of visibility and little current. No whales, but lots of fish. Sounded great. Scott and I headed in for our dive, and despite Scott nearly scaring off all the fish with his bubbles from diving open circuit, I managed to snap a few good photos.

We wrapped up the dive and headed home before the afternoon storms moved in with some very strong squalls and thunderstorms. Sunday looked to be a really nice day with light wind for our trip to the Snetind. The last 2 trips to the Snetind have been with very low visibility on the wreck, so we had our fingers crossed for better conditions.

John and Tim at the bow of the Snetind.


We loaded up and enjoyed a pretty smooth ride out with just a little chop. We grabbed the mooring we put in when we arrived and were off to diving before too long. When the first divers returned, we were shocked to hear the visibility was 20-25 feet with ambient light. This was a pleasant surprise. Tim, John and I suited up and splashed. Conditions were great indeed. We had a nice swim to the bow and back. When we finished our deco, we climbed aboard (most of us doing it on the first try ;-)). We headed back enjoying fantastic weather and some fresh pineapple thanks to Mike. All in all, it was a great weekend of diving. Not perfect with weather, as has been the theme, but we got 2 good dives in.