June 10-11, 2017

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Gauntlet cruising out to the dive site loaded up with divers and gear.

After what seemed at times to be downright awful weather over the past week, I didn’t know what to expect for the weekend. Huge seas early in the week gave way to a heavy, persistent swell that had us guessing right until Saturday morning as to what it was going to do. I watched the wind blow from every direction on Friday. One thing was for sure, visibility was not going to be good this weekend. Nevertheless, I set up the camera in a delusional belief that I might actually use it.

We revised our offshore diving plans on Friday and decided to stick inshore since we didn’t really know what to expect. The forecast was hardly lining up with the conditions and it seemed grim either way. We decided to buzz out to the Holmes since we had a mooring on the wreck last we were there and it’s close in case the wind came up early. Saturday morning was beautiful, and the seas calmed down to a gentle swell, although the wind was predicted to return before too long. The mooring on the Holmes is all but gone–we found it barely reaching the surface, weighted down by growth. But we were able to locate it and tie off. Visibility on the wreck was murky, about 10 feet. Certainly it was not as bad as I was expecting, but the camera did not enter the water. The mooring is hopelessly fouled on the wreck and needs to be removed, so we have some work to do next time we’re there.

Sunday was looking to be a great day with hot summer-like weather; however, another bout with wind overnight and a forecast calling for heavier wind the afternoon led us to scrap the Pinthis and stay local. We decided on the City of Salisbury. The seas were a little choppy off Marblehead, but it laid down nicely as we got down to Graves Light. Unfortunately, our mooring was gone, so we made ready to put a new one in. The first team splashed to get us tied in, and the rest of the groups followed. Dave, Tim and Dominique were back rather quickly though after tying in. Visibility was 1-3 feet, most agreeing 3 feet was too generous an estimate. Very disappointing, but not surprising given the conditions we’ve had over the past week. We wrapped it up and headed back.

The weather has been a challenge for sure, but we’ll keep at it and hope to catch a break soon with some decent visibility! My camera is getting tired of going for boat rides!