June 16, 2018

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With only 1 day to dive due to work travel impacting the weekend, we planned to make it count. For the morning, we had a trip to the Snetind and in the afternoon a trip to the Poling. These double-headers make for a long day, but we do what we must sometimes! Anyway, the weather for the whole weekend looked to be amazing, so I tried not to think about the fact we weren’t going to be diving Sunday.

Heather returning from a dive on the Poling.

Saturday morning actually started off cooler than expected – at least I was chilled wearing shorts in the morning as there was a slight westerly wind in the morning that diminished as the day went on. We cruised out to the Snetind and picked up the mooring. I was hoping for good visibility based on reports around other dive sites, but I also know this wreck (as is the case with all the “Boston dumping ground” wrecks) is quirky and visibility can be lousy for no good reason. Dave, Feng and Tim suited up first, followed by the others. Everything was going smoothly and in about an hour the first group was returning–with the visibility report. I love the visibility reports from different people: Dave: lousy, Tim: crap, Feng: 15-20 feet. We concluded Feng’s report was due to the fact he was using 10/70 diluent. the extra 15% compared to the others must translate into perceived feet of visibility.

In any case, I left the camera behind since 10 feet of murky visibility wasn’t going to be ideal. Scott, Carl and I suited up and splashed. The water column was murky and kind of a gross green color. Mid water was decent, but the visibility quickly diminished and by the time we reached the wreck it was a cloudy 10 feet at best. We headed forward towards the bow and swam up a ways before coming back, exploring around the break. Scott cut out our ghost mooring from last year so we can re-use the float ball and sent it up on a reel. We’ll recover the chain next time since that looked to be in good shape. Then we headed up for an uneventful deco.

Returning to the marina, we had the next wave of divers waiting on the dock. We did a quick change out and were off the dock again this time bound for the Poling. We had our P2 students onboard with 2 out of 3 finishing up their last dives. We had a nice ride up to the Poling–it was a millpond by this point. We grabbed the stern mooring and settled in. There was a lot of boat traffic, which reminded me of why I hate the afternoon trips. We got buzzed by just about every kind of boat–whale watching boats, big power boats, sail boats–all coming very close or throwing a huge wake at us. Ugh. When the first group returned they reported good visibility but a strong current running across the wreck.

Jessica and I suited up for our dive. It was a similar murky green in the water column, but the visibility on the wreck was very good–a solid 30 feet although a little murky. We made a trip out to the break area to explore the newly collapsed area before¬† making a swim back to the stern along the bottom on the starboard side. It was then I realized the current had swung around and was mostly running stern-bow direction, which made for an annoying swim back. There is so much trash and junk around the Poling. Jess and I wondered if it was due to winter storms and current, and stuff tossed overboard in the area just collected in the wash out around the Poling. We popped in the inside and did a tour. The wreck is really collapsing–I notice more and more change each time. After about 40 minutes we headed up and called it a day. We had a nice ride back to Beverly, getting back around 6 pm. It was a long day for sure, especially by the time Dave and I had cleaned up our gear and ourselves, but a fun day nonetheless! And congrats to our P2 students who finished! Great job by all.