June 24-25, 2017

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Scott at the stern of the Pinthis.

The weekend looked like a mixed bag of weather, but we had plans for the Pinthis on Sunday, and we were determined to get there. Saturday threatened to be a total blow out, but we hung in there to look at the morning conditions and decided to make a go of it with a quick run to the Poling. The morning broke with partly sunny skies, but quickly became overcast and windier. We loaded up and decided on the Poling since the conditions weren’t great, with around 15 kts of SSW wind, and ~3 foot sea running. Plus our last visit to the City of Salisbury, which is near the Romance, was a braille dive, so we opted for a different geographic area.

By the time we were passing Bakers and Misery Islands, we were hitting a fog bank. From there, it was rainy, foggy, windy and the seas were a bit sloppy. But we made it to the Poling, and grabbed a mooring. Conditions on the bottom were much better than topside with about 25-30 ft of visibility. It probably would have been better if the sun was out. There was some current, but nothing too terrible. When we finished up, we beat it. The fog became very dense and eventually we had to creep along with only 50 feet of visibility to work with. We got back to the dock without issue though and later that day the sun was out.

With that, the forecast looked much better for Sunday’s trip to the Pinthis, so I went ahead and bought food. Sunday, everyone gathered bright and early, well except one who needed a little more sleepy time. We waited a bit out of the kindness of our hearts and left almost on time with the full complement of divers. We had a nice ride down to Scituate, and a quick tie in. There was some current running, but the seas were glass. We got all the divers in and when Dave returned, we got the visibility report – crappy on the way down but 30+ feet on the bottom. That was good news.

Scott and I suited up and splashed. We had a nice tour around and through the wreck. The stern is really breaking up now and the wreck is more deteriorated since last year not surprisingly. It is still a great dive though. When our dive was finished, we headed up for a short deco, put a new zinc on the prop shaft and climbed aboard. We had a nice lunch on the ride back. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather and great diving.