June 3-4, 2017

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Scott at the break end of the Poling where a large piece of wreckage has broken off.

A nice weather pattern set up for the weekend with what appeared to be tranquil weather before a storm moved in on Sunday night. On Saturday we were diving the Poling and on Sunday we had another trip to the Snetind.

Saturday turned out to be quite a bit windier than predicted and as result, it was a little choppy out there, although nothing too terrible. With the wind and tide running against each other we managed to be sitting beam-to, which made things annoying. There wasn’t too much current though. I got a few photos on the Poling, which were a challenge. Although I’d give the visibility 10-15′, it was murky and the camera didn’t like it. There has been still more collapse at the break end with more deck sagging and a piece of the bulkhead peeling off. I hate to say it, but I think the Poling is really going. In another year or two there will be some dramatic changes.

Sunday’s weather was perfect with glass-like seas and warm sun. It almost felt like summer. Unfortunately, visibility has been quite disappointing with only about 10′ of visibility on the Snetind. If we got that clear springtime visibility while the water was still cold, well, I missed it because it’s been nothing but murky water all along. Even when it has been “good” it isn’t really that good. Hopefully we’ll get a surprise burst of good vis soon!