June 30-July 1, 2018

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The Pinthis is getting a bit smaller inside each year.

The weather was looking perfect for the weekend – finally! Legit summer weather (hot, hazy and humid) was in the forecast. Fortunately we were departing from land to spend the weekend on a boat and under the water, really the best place to be in such weather. Saturday’s plan was our first trip of the season to the Pinthis, with a trip to the Terra Nova on the books for Sunday.

Saturday morning was warm for sure, but not too sticky. We loaded up the boat with an eager group and cast off bound for Scituate. There was a mild swell but it dissipated as we got closer to Cape Cod Bay–and it was otherwise glassy out there. When we arrived on the Pinthis, there was already a mooring present so we tied off and got ready for diving. The first groups of divers went in. When Dave returned, we got a low down on the visibility — which was that it was an excellent 30-40 feet! I liked the sound of that. Scott and I suited up and splashed. We dropped down the line where we were tied in at the bow. There was a decent current running on the bottom bow to stern. We drifted with the current down to the stern where we poked around. The hull is pretty much split open over the engine room, so the interior is poking out. The hull is flattening significantly. I took a few photos off the wreck and then we poked around the small area of the engine room that is still accessible. We popped out of the wreck and the back in to the hull. We swam through the collapsing bulkheads. Things are getting tight in some places. I had a tough time passing through one set of frames with the camera. It is still such a pretty swim with light filtering through. We took another ride down to the stern and then back through the interior before calling it a dive.

When we surfaced, the grill was already going and Dave was churning out ribs and chicken wings. We got out of our stuff and hit the back deck for some burger and sausage action where we had considerable debate about whether the sausage rolls should be cut straight down the middle or in from the side. Important stuff here. Anyway, we gorged on food finishing up all of it and then hit the road for Beverly. It was a great ride back catching some sun and enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

The prop and rudder on the Terra Nova.

Sunday morning was another warm one and this time, humid right from the get go. We were heading to the Terra Nova though and once again conditions looked to be great. We loaded up with another eager group and were off the dock in the no time. We had a nice ride up to Twin Light off Cape Ann. There is a mooring on this wreck so we were able to tie off and get to diving quickly. Dave and Eric headed in first, followed by the remaining groups of divers. We had heard there was 30 ft of visibility at this wreck on Friday so we were hoping for more of that, although we were coming off dead low tide so we weren’t sure what we’d get. When Dave and Eric returned they said the visibility was good, although it was murky in the water column. I suited up with Scott and we splashed. Heading down the line it was murky and I wondered about this good visibility when we reached the wreck it appeared quite cloudy.

I groaned a bit as I set up the camera knowing this was going to be tough. It was a very murky 15 feet at best and not ideal for photos at all. Maybe it changed as the tide turned because we had a bit of current. Anyway, we did a tour of the wreck and I tried to set up a few photos that I thought had a chance of coming out decent. This was definitely not a day for being 25 feet off the wreck and getting a wide angle shot. Anyway, we did some photos and then headed up. The wreck is more or less the same as it’s been the last few years, just crumbling a bit more each passing season.

When we surfaced, we headed back to Beverly enjoying another nice day with totally glassy seas. After an exciting episode trying to dock the boat in a weird current where my worst fear almost came true (being pinned to the pilings), I pulled off a save and got the boat on the dock. We unloaded and headed home to chill in air conditioning for the rest of the day. Great weekend of diving!