June 9-10, 2018

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Finally a weekend with two nice days in a row! The weekend line up was as follows: Poling on Saturday and the Snetind (aka Schooner Barge) on Sunday. We were excited to get our first trip in on the Snetind, definitely a top dive around these parts.

The new collapsed area on the port side of the Poling is making for some good photography.

On Saturday, we had a P2 class that has been underway making their first big dive on the Chester Poling. We had a few bubble blowers on OC and the remainder as CCR divers. A good group. The weather was nearly perfect with light wind and glassy calm seas. Nice. We got up on the Poling and Capt Steve Smith was on site and occuyping one of the two moorings on the wreck with this new boat, Charterboat1. Looking good and very nice to see Capt Steve out on the water. We got the first groups suited and in the water. And when Dave and the gang were back we got the visibility report, which was pretty good 25-30. I’ll take that.  Scott and I suited up and splashed too. We decided we’d take a swim out fo the Gannett since the visibility was good. When we got to the Gannet it definitely seemed to be even more scattered and disperse. I think between storms and fishing trawls, it’s been pulled apart further. Anyway, we returned to the Poling and took a swim out to the holds for some more photos. It’s very fragile in there and I think complete collapse is probably just a few good winter storms away. All in all it was a good dive.

Sunday we were scheduled for the Snetind. We decided to skip the Baleen since we got blown out of most of our scheduled trips and so we decided to just move onto the Snetind since we have it coming up on the schedule. We had a nice ride out – seas weren’t completely flat, and it was cool with some ENE wind, but still it was a very nice day. We got onsite and dropped the shot line. Dave and Tim splashed to tie in. We had some weird current on the surface that was a little annoying to deal with, but we got ourselves tied in after the bag popped (10 minutes time, not bad!). Once the granny line was in the water, the pool was open and divers began splashing. When Dave and Tim returned, we got the visibility report – which was the usual mixed bag: not very good, not bad, about 10 feet, but it could be 15. Um, OK. I decided to leave the camera behind and just check out the conditions for myself. We have a few more trips coming up and I really hope at least one of them is “awesome vis” consensus. Scott, Dominique and I suited up and splashed.

The visibility descending was a mix: very poor for first 40 feet, then crystal clear down to the wreck where it was cloudy, 10-12′. Vertically the visibility was great – you could easily see 25 feet down, perhaps the tide turning had some effect. Anyway, we are tied in by the “china pile” so we took a swim up about halfway to the bow, and then came back to the break and explored around the stern a bit before poking around until our bottom time was up. We had a nice uneventful deco and all in all and excellent dive! We cruised back in with some choppier seas – the NE wind having picked up. A good weekend!