May 6, 2018

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On Saturday we were down at Hathaway Pond teaching classes. It was quite windy in the morning and in all likelihood we would have gotten blown out. But Sunday we were scheduled for the Holmes and we were hoping the wind would lay down. We were also hoping it would not be a braille dive again.

Flat calm seas and good visibility made for an excellent day on the Holmes.

Sunday morning was overcast with the occasional hint of a clearing sky, and with off and on showers. However, the wind was light. We gathered up at the dock and got loaded with the plan of diving the Holmes.  Fingers were crossed on the visibility. We headed out and the ocean was flat calm with just the slightest waves once we got past the islands and out into open water. The mooring we installed last week was still there and before long we were tied in and getting the first group suited up. It seems we brought some Gremlins with us on this trip because 2/3 divers in the first group had some equipment problems, so only Dave and Jessica ended up splashing. The next groups moved along.

Scott, Feng and I were bringing up the rear in the last group. We were pleased to hear from Dave that the visibility was awesome with about 30 feet and ambient light despite the overcast skies. Instantly I was more excited about the dive. We got suited up and splashed. Unfortunately, Feng’s neck seal wasn’t sealed up and his suit promptly began to flood. So Scott and I headed down for our dive. The water column was a little cloudy but not terrible, and there was some current. On the bottom the visibility was easily 30 feet – we could see across the wreck for sure. With sun, it would have been incredible down there. We swam the entire wreck enjoying near-perfect conditions. The bow definitely seems to have opened up a bit more. When it was time to go, we had a nice ascent and deco. It was chilly with only 46 at the surface and about 41 on the bottom.

All in all it was a great day of diving!

And, since I know you’re all in suspense about where we were tied in after last weekend… we are tied in on the starboard side, near the bow end. Go figure!