October 14, 2017

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Finally the weather let up on us enough to get off the dock! Between our schedule, which was a mixture during the month of September of family commitments, weddings, classes and work travel, we finally got a break in the weather on a weekend we were actually scheduled for diving. The conditions were certainly not spectacular though with gray skies, rain and some sea left over from the day before. However, we felt confident we could make it to the Poling.

We began gathering in the dark–the certain sign that it is October and soon we’ll be switching to later departures. While I sometimes enjoy loading in the dark, as it feels like you’re really taking full advantage of the day, I also do like having some daylight. We lit up the back deck for loading and before too long, the sun was up, well, sort of. It was there, but we couldn’t see it. In fact, it was raining.

Loading Gauntlet in the dark is a sure sign it’s October.

We got off the dock and headed to the Poling since we thought the Romance would be terrible with the ground swell we had running. We cruised up to the wreck–it got a bit roll-y after the islands, but the wind was actually light and the seas weren’t rough other than the swell. When we arrived on the Poling, we grabbed our mooring which is on the stern end of the wreck. We sent in the first group, followed by the next and before long it was time for Scott, Tim and I to dive.

I had left the camera behind thinking it was not going to be good visibility. Reports put it around 10-15′ which was reasonable, but I was OK with the decision to leave it behind. We dropped in, headed down to the wreck and did a tour through the inside as usual. Then we headed down to the break where we popped into both the port and starboard oil holds. We closed the dive around 40 min after returning to the mooring down the starboard side along the bottom. The wreck is really crumbling fast. Each time I dive it, I feel that something has changed and it is in an accelerated state of decay. Soon you will be able to enter the next oil hold aft from within the adjacent hold!

We did a short deco and climbed back aboard. The rain was off an on, and it was muggy, but we had a good day. The forecast for Sunday looked pretty grim, and so we cancelled since we had folks from out of town to consider. The weather was ultimately better than expected, but the morning’s dense fog would have kept us dockside. I was happy to get one!