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It is already September 2022!

By September 11, 2022No Comments

It has been awhile since we posted indeed! It is hard to believe it is September already. We got our first dive of 2022 in straight away on January 1, 2022. And then began a series of dives at Hathaway which between the ocean conditions, frozen lakes and nearly undiveable conditions at the mine in VT, was the only real option. We finally escaped to Florida for a week of cave diving in April, but it was a lot of Hathaway for awhile–which is better than nothing of course!

We did finally get our first charter off in May and had a beautiful day for it. Definitely been a struggle with the weather–not just wind and seas but fog too. Kicking off 2022 charter season … things to know: cinnamon rolls are officially a thing now.

Here’s a quick video of our first trip of the year to the Poling. The Poling looks about the same–more degradation in the usual places but nothing dramatic.

We made our usual Memorial Day timeframe trip to Alexandria Bay for a great weekend participating in both a mutli-agency workshop and some fun diving. Diving in A-Bay is always great. There are not too many places where you can really feel confident the conditions will be good enough to get all your dives in. With a long weekend, it is easy to get 6 really solid dives in between charters and afternoon shore dives.

Back to the local scene…

We did some great diving including a trip to Stellwagen to dive a seldom visited wreck called the FV Ruth & Margaret.


We also got the chance to use the Gauntlet 2 a bit more, with some great trips to Lake Champlain. A few intro to tech and technical diver classes got done too. It all went by rather fast though. With Labor Day behind us, we turn our attention to getting back to some travel and venturing off to warmer locales for some cave diving later this fall.

Charters will run through the end of December – weather of course allowing!