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Crane Wreck

  • Type: Crane
  • LOA: Unknown
  • Construction: Steel
  • Date of Loss: Unknown
  • Reason: Foundered
  • Depth of Water: 150′


Not much is known about the Crane Wreck. It is a crane that fell off a barge, along with some dredging equipment during a storm. The sunken barge can be located a relatively short distance off from the wreckage of the Crane.

The Crane is a very pretty dive – with typical New England marine life calling the wreck home. On a day with good visibility, looking through the anemone covered scaffold-like crane arm is an awesome sight. The wreck is small, with the tracks upside down, but vertically oriented. The crane arm is twisted over on its side – with some supporting structure off in the sand. The top of the wreck is at about 130 feet, with max depths of about 150 feet at high tide.