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  • Type: Coal Barge
  • LOA: 202.9′ 38.1 x 16.5′
  • Construction: Wood
  • Date of Loss: December 2, 1946
  • Reason: Foundered
  • Depth of Water: 90′


The schooner barge Winsor was constructed in 1923 by the Kelley-Spear Company of Bath, Maine.  Like many vessels of it’s time, this coal barge was of average type both in construction and size.  The Winsor was lost during a December storm while carrying 1,800 tons of coal from New York to Boston. At the time of the sinking, she was unrigged; her masts were removed in 1928.  The Winsor is located off Marshfield, MA and rests in approximately 90 feet of water.

This is a small wreck given its current state – the site is heavily degraded and merely a footprint of the wreck is present.  The keel and fingers of beams stretching out perpendicular to the centerline is nearly all that remains.  However, the site is rich and diverse with marine life.  Combined with spectacular visibility with an average of 30 feet thanks in part to a bright sand bottom, this is a very nice dive.  There are few entanglements and currents at the site are light to none.

Note: as of 2017 it has been confirmed the wreck has been completely destroyed by scallop fishing vessels. Nearly nothing remains.