August 13-14, 2016

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Another weekend of classic mixed bag New England weather was upon us as we headed into the middle of August. The summer sure is flying by. Saturday’s weather threatened NE winds, which is definitely an unwelcome wind direction, especially in summer when it’s supposed to be nice!  On Saturday our plan was to dive the Romance. When we awoke to gray skies, cool-ish temperatures and NE wind, I wondered about that plan. Nevertheless we decided to head down that way, knowing we could turn off to the Herbert, which is closer, if things got too bumpy.

We got off the dock on time with an eager group. We had a few divers aboard that we haven’t seen in awhile, so it was good to have them back out on the boat. We headed down to the Romance. Conditions weren’t great, but it was workable. We dropped in the shot line and Dave splashed in with Feng to tie in the line. Once they were in, we tied off the boat and got the next waves in. Scott, Dominque and I timed our dive to coincide with the others finishing up so we could go in to pull the line. The visibility report was not stellar, but I wasn’t expecting that anyway. In fact, I had left my camera at home.

We splashed and started heading down. There was almost zero visibility for the first 10 feet. It cleared up a little before becoming murky again. We were tied in on the port shaft, so we got oriented, Scott tied off a reel and we started out. My BOV was leaking and I had an annoying stream of bubbles passing over my face, but I was able to isolate it out and stop the leak. One thing is for sure, on an otherwise quiet CCR, bubbles will drive you insane.  We headed out and Scott managed to navigate out to the bow, which was good work considering the low visibility. Overall it was a pretty good dive considering. We headed up and it was even a bit choppier, which made the retrieval more effort–getting bounced around at the back of the boat isn’t fun. We headed in and called it a day.

NE winds persisted overnight and the morning brought a few hours of gusty wind that lead us to revise our plans a bit. It turned out to be a gorgeous day with not a drop of fog out there. Thanks for the totally bogus forecast! In any case, we had a good day exploring a seldom visited wreck followed by the little cruising around. It was hot, hot, hot and putting on a 400g undergarment was a touch brutal. It sure felt good to chill out in the late afternoon in air conditioning!

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