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Discount Programs

We recognize the significant commitment involved in training and our discount programs for students aim to ease the burden of continuing your diving education. We also recognize the cost involved for instructors and offer discounts for active instructors teaching a class.


Eligibility and Restrictions:

Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions offers discounts to instructors that bring 2 or more students on a charter. The instructor’s spot is complimentary for local dives. This discount does not apply to Special Trips. Instructors must be an active instructor through a recognized training agency, have insurance and be actively teaching a class.

Students are eligible for discounts on training and equipment purchases made through Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions for 12 months from the start of a class. Discounts include package pricing on training and discounts on equipment that range from 10-20% depending on the item.

Terms of Participation:

Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions and GAUNTLET reserve the right to terminate this program at any time and for any reason. Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions and GAUNTLET also reserve the right to modify the terms of participation and benefits at any time and for any reason.