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Education and Training Programs

Why train with Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions?

Having 50 years of combined professional diving experience to share with our clients, Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions, Inc. (NADE) has evolved our own diving experiences in an effort to maintain the highest standards in diver training and education. We’ve been able to achieve high standards through our own personal training and educational development through seeking continuous education, training, and diving experience throughout the world. In addition to broadening our own training and education, we are high capacity divers that avidly dive in all environments that include shore, boat, reef, wreck, and overhead diving. We share a passion for diving and we excel in bringing our clients to all of these environments.

Diving is an activity where technology has been brought us to the cutting edge with equipment, physiology and practices, diving skills and techniques. In order to follow the trends of these advancements in technology, diving educators need to broaden their experience and knowledge just as new and experienced divers do. Our efforts in maintaining high personal and professional standards provides us the opportunity to share, educate, and transfer our knowledge and experience to our clients. Whether an individual is seeking diver coaching, mentoring, workshops, or participating in certification courses, NADE has the knowledge and experience to make their clients better, safer, comfortable, and experienced divers. 

How does NADE educate and train our clients?

Our philosophy and approach is simple, we baseline a client’s current diving experience and knowledge through a direct interaction and most importantly diving ability and experience. We then take a client’s current abilities as a starting point and begin the process of enhancing and improving their personal knowledge, skill set, and comfort level through overview, explanation, demonstration, practice, and execution. Our philosophy and approach is not only limited to enhancing our client’s knowledge and abilities, we take it to the next step to provide our clients with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and practices in practical diving experience that reaches beyond just learning. Our clients apply what they learn by actually diving in the environments for which they are trained.

Whether our clients are seeking diver coaching to hone and improve specific diving knowledge or skills, mentoring to provide continued diving skill enhancement, participating in skill focused workshops, or learning new knowledge through a formal diving certification course, NADE will provide our clients with the highest level of personalized knowledge, experience, training and education.

What does NADE do and why is our training and education different?

NADE has the ability and experience to take non-divers, recreational and technical divers, as well as diving professionals to all certification levels within the diving industry. We educate and train new divers, advance recreational divers with all levels of experience further, develop new or experienced technical divers, or create diving professionals. Our programs include but are not limited to Diver Coaching, Mentoring, Workshops, and Certification Courses covering all levels of diver education.

Diver Coaching Program

In order for divers to improve upon their own personal knowledge and experience, NADE offers a unique method for our clients to receive training with a goal of honing and improving specific diving knowledge and skills. Coaching is for those individuals who have the desire to sharpen their existing skills to gain experience with the goal of bringing it to the next level. NADE achieves this through identifying a client’s weaknesses, demonstrating correct and proper methods, providing solution-based feedback through active and passive teaching methods.   

Workshop Courses

When individuals want to learn new knowledge or skills, NADE conducts focused workshops for specific types of diving practices. This type of education focuses in on specific topics or practices through a high-level overview, demonstration, and practice. Our workshops are intended for clients to “test the waters” in a primer type format so that they can experience new information or diving skills practice in a controlled atmosphere. If clients are eager to pursue further education, workshops segue directly into specific certification courses.  

Certification Courses

NADE has an enormous certification course offering to provide to our clients. Certification courses follow specific course outlines and requirements set by globally recognized certification agencies. Upon completion of agency course requirements, certification cards of achievement are issued to our clients.

Why does NADE certify under specific certification agencies?

Within the global dive industry there are literally hundreds of certification agencies throughout the world, yet the largest agencies retain the most recognition. NADE teaches and trains under two separate and different agencies. NADE’s primary certification agency is National Association of Under Water Instructors (NAUI). NAUI has been in existence for 60+ years and is one if not the oldest certification agency worldwide. NAUI provides divers with all levels of certifications from beginner, recreational and technical, and professional training and education. NADE is authorized to teach from the entry level NAUI Scuba Diver to the highest professional level endorsement, NAUI Course Director. NADE is also authorized to teach entry level NAUI technical and overhead training, to Technical Instructor endorsement in both open and closed-circuit dive equipment.

NADE also trains and educates divers through Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI). SDI represents recreational certification courses and TDI represents technical certification courses. All training through SDI / TDI is open circuit training and education from entry-level Scuba Diver to entry level technical to advanced trimix.

Whether participating in a NAUI or SDI / TDI certification course, NADE is required to follow established agency standards and procedures. The value of receiving certification training and education from NADE is build upon these agency standards and draw upon our professional diving experience to bring our clients the highest level of quality diver training and education worldwide.

Courses Offered

Please use email us to inquire about any of these courses. Click on the + sign to expand the box and obtain more information!

Diver Coaching and 1-1 Training

Diver Coaching Program – (Maximum 3 Divers)

  • Diving: Full Day, 8 am – 3 pm, Per Diver – $275.00
  • Equipment Configuration: 2 hours, Per Diver – $75.00

Note: Additional costs may apply for specific requests/needs and will be discussed at the time of scheduling


Workshop Courses

  • Half Day, 2-3 Divers – $450.00 (max 3 Divers, $150 per Diver)
  • Full Day, 2-3 Divers – $675.00 (max 3 Divers, $225 per Diver)
  • Group size of 4-6 Divers – contact us for quote

DPV / Scooter Workshops (DPV provided)

  • Half Day, 2-3 Divers – $525.00 (max 3 Divers, $175.00 per Diver)
  • Full Day, 2-3 Divers  – $750.00 (max 3 Divers, $250.00 per Diver)

Technical Diver Education

Certification through NAUI and/or TDI in the following Open Circuit courses is available. Prices provided upon inquiry.

  • Introduction to Technical Diving
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Helitrox
  • Trimix
  • Advanced Trimix
  • Wreck & Advanced Wreck Diver
  • Mine Diver

Please note: if you have not trained with us previously and would like to enroll in a course other than Intro to Tech, a screening dive will be required where we will ask you to demonstrate basic technical diving skills. If these are done satisfactorily, you can enroll in the class. If not, we will discuss options with you to help you get where you would like to be.

Recreational Diver Training

Recreational training through NAUI and SDI

  • Basic Open Water
  • Advanced Open Water
  • Rescue
  • Numerous Specialties (Deep, Night, Nitrox, Drysuit, etc)
  • Master Diver

Note: Basic OW classes are likely to be cost prohibitive unless you are specifically looking for personalized, semi-private instruction.

Professional Instructor Development

Professional development is available through NAUI. Prices provided upon inquiry.

  • Divemaster
  • Technical Support Leader
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Technical Instructor
  • Course Director

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