June 11, 2016

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Our plans for the weekend included a dive on the Unidentified Trawler in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary on Saturday and a dive on the Snetind on Sunday. The weather hasn’t been cooperative this month, and looking at the forecast for the weekend, this weekend would be no exception with big wind forecast for Sunday. That meant we needed to make Saturday count!

We loaded up bright and early—it was looking to be a beautiful day. The wind was light, the sun was out. It looked like a great boating day. I even had a pair of shorts in my bag that I hoped to wear in the afternoon. We got off the dock and headed out. It was nice. We had a great ride out to the sanctuary, and even spotted some whales pretty close by. When we arrived on the wreck site, we had about 15 extra minutes before the slack tide, so we got the shot line in, and prepped the divers. Dave and Tim splashed in with scooters hoping to do a little cruising around the wreck. Although a small wreck, the shallow Stellwagen wrecks can be fun to scooter since good visibility typically allows for some sand sweeping within visual range of the wreckage.


Scott explores the wheelhouse of the Unidentified Trawler. The clue to the wreck’s identify may lie within!

Sadly, such scootering was not going to happen today. When Dave and Tim got back they said they had a great dive, but the visibility was low, maybe 10 feet and definitely not scooter vis. We decided to leave scooters behind for our dive, much to Scott’s disappointment. We suited up and splashed. There was some surface current and I noticed while waiting for Scott to hit the water that the current was running hard in the water column. The granny line had a wiggle to it. We dropped down pulling all the way to the bottom. On the bottom the current was mild. Dave and Tim had put a line for everyone to use to navigate the wreck, so we followed this out to the wheelhouse piece.

We poked around for awhile, spotting a wolffish hiding near a large lobster. There were fish and some sculpin. It’s too bad about the visibility. I brought camera anyway and got a few decent pictures. Anyway when our bottom time was up, we pulled the shot off the mooring block and headed up. The current was running hard and we dragged a bit. When we got up near the surface we encountered the first tuna ball at 10 feet. We surfaced, got picked up by the boat and then grabbed some lunch, settling in for the ride back.

Unfortunately, big wind did arrive and we were blown out for Sunday. Hopefully we see a change in the weather patterns soon!

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