March 12-13, 2016

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A long awaited weekend of fair weather finally arrived. In fact, it seems that winter has suddenly disappeared. Despite a lack of snow this winter, we had plenty of wind that kept us dockside on the weekends. But not this weekend. Our plans for the weekend were to dive the Holmes on Saturday and the Romance on Sunday. Believe it or not, we got the whole weekend off as planned!

Saturday was a beautiful day with light wind and sunny skies. It really doesn’t get much nicer than this. We loaded up the boat bright and early now that we’re back on our regular departure time of 7:30 AM. We enjoyed a smooth ride out to the Holmes, but unfortunately we did not find the mooring present. That mooring really doesn’t owe us anything, as it survived 2 seasons and held in some snotty weather the last time we were out. We had a mooring prepared and planned to put in a new one.

We dropped the shot line, got tied in and were off to diving. Slowly, everyone suited up, dusting off the dive gear and getting back into the swing of things. I decided to leave the camera home this weekend given the uncertain diving conditions and the fact I could use a little warm up without too much task loading. When it was my turn to dive, I too slowly donned my gear hoping I would remember what this diving business was all about. Once I was in the water, it felt good and before too long, everything felt natural again.

We dropped down to the wreck, it was dim, but not totally dark. Visibility was about 15 feet or so. It was a little murky with particulate in the water, but overall I thought the visibility was quite good considering what we’d been seeing when we did get out over these past few months. Anyway, we are now tied in on the starboard side, aft, so we took a swim to the bow, and then back to the stern, covering all of the ~200 foot long wreck. The water temperature was 39F on the bottom, so it’s still chilly. The heated vest was a nice touch for the deco.

On Sunday, we were not sure where we’d land, as very windy conditions were forecast out of the NW, which usually means Poling; however, we awoke to light winds and it looked as though it was stay light/moderate so we decided to go for it with a trip to the Romance. With daylight savings kicking in, it was dark once again in the morning when we arrived at the boat, but we were treated to a spectacular sunrise.

Before too long we were off the dock, bound for the Romance. When we arrived, we dropped in a shot line and got tied in. When Dave returned, he had a positive conditions reported, with a reported 15-20 ft of visibility—pretty darn good for the Romance. Tim and I suited up quickly and got right to it.

We splashed and dropped down to the wreck—it was a little murky, but still quite good. I tied off my reel and we headed out for the bow, and out into the sand. We spent most of the dive exploring the forward half of the wreck. When our time was up, we pulled the shot line, moved it off the wreck and headed up. All in all it was a great weekend of diving!



The group suiting up for a great dive!