May 8, 2016

A week of terrible weather with rain, wind and seas preceded our weekend of diving. Bad weather lingered into Saturday and we canceled our planned dive to the Bone Wreck. We hoped to salvage Sunday with what seemed to be a short weather window between fronts. We decided to give it a shot and just before 5 AM, I climbed out of bed to take a peak at the weather. South winds, 10-15 with gusts to 25 kts. Ugh. That wasn’t the window that NOAA had forecasted the day prior with light wind out of the SW. At any rate, the wind was light and knowing it would take a bit of time to build in, we decided to go for it and head to the wreck of the stern section of the Poling.

We loaded up and departed in relatively clear weather, but just outside of the harbor we hit pea soup fog, which persisted all the way up to the wreck. Upon arrival, we selected the stern mooring among the 2 moorings present and tied off. We knew visibility wasn’t going to be great from the prior day’s trip reports from others who had been out in the later afternoon, but we were diving anyway. There was a strong surface current, but otherwise seas were reasonable with some left over swell/surge from the day before. When Dave and the others returned, the fog had lifted and we had some brief clear air and sun! When it was our turn, Scott and I splashed. We did a tour of the wreck outside and then inside. Visibility was about 10 feet and while the sun was out, we even had some ambient light. There was some surge on the wreck though for sure.

We surfaced when our dive was finished. The sunny skies were now gone and overcast conditions and increasing SSE wind arrived. We made it back to the dock just time for a squall to arrive with wind and steady rain. We unloaded quickly, packed it up and called it a day. All in all, it was not a bad day of diving.