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Loading begins at 7 am for departure by 7:30 am unless otherwise noted.

September 20

7:30 am: Patriot, 100′


September 21

7:30 am: Alma Holmes, 160′
We focus on Technical Diving Training from Introduction to Technical Diving through Trimix.
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News and Updates

Our deepest condolences go out to all involved in the devastating fire aboard the MV Conception, especially the families of the victims. This heart rending event affects all of us in the dive community–and as we are both charter boat operators and at times passengers this has been an extremely unsettling and sad event that will leave much to reflect upon once the facts have been determined. If you would like to donate to the families of victims, please visit the DAN link here, which is being supported by dive industry leaders and manufacturers. In addition, you can find more fundraisers on the DEMA website for individual victims.

The schedule has posted through October with rest of 2019 dates to post in October. Get signed up for some great Fall diving now!

Our new format for dive reports is in place–check out the Gauntlet Summer 2019 Recap!

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