August 11, 2018

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Despite a very hot week, change was on the way for the weekend. In fact, East wind and rain was on the way for the weekend, which was a real bummer since we had our last trip of the season planned to the Pinthis. By Friday, the weather was clearly not going to be ideal for the long 2 hour run down to Scituate so we decided not to hedge our bets and remain local for Saturday. We only had 1 dive planned for this weekend due to other commitments on Sunday.

Saturday rolled around and it was gloomy with overcast skies. Quite the change from the beautiful 85 degree day before. It was a humid 70 degrees. The wind was light though, which was good. However, rain was on the way and we knew our weather window was limited. We decided on the Herbert since we all wanted a break from the Poling. We were hoping the mooring was still there, but really didn’t have high hopes. We got underway and made good time. Gauntlet just splashed back in on Friday after our annual haul out. With a fresh coat of paint on a clean bottom, we were moving along at a good clip back at our typical cruising speed of ~16 knots.

John splashing in on the Herbert. It was a gloomy day, but seas were calm and the boaters were few!

When we got to the Herbert the mooring was nowhere to be found so we dropped in the shot line. Dave and Dominique splashed in to tie it in. They planned to look for the old mooring since it is often just broken at the surface when it does break, and if possible we would refloat it on our dive. The cups were up quickly and we got settled in no time with the next divers hitting the water. When Dave and Dominique returned they said they found and collected up the old mooring, having cut off a length of it due to massive mussel growth, and the vis was bad. Hmm. I decided to forgo the camera and we devised a plan to refloat the mooring and shoot the shot line to the surface so the boat could retrieve it and then pick up the new mooring.

Scott, Tim and I splashed in and dropped down. Visibility in the water column was not very good. Scott was carrying the extra line and buoy down. When we got to the bottom it was a little murky and dark, typical of the Herbert, but not as bad as I expected. I would say it was 10-12 feet. We were tied in aft by the steering quadrant so we headed forward to where the mooring was chained it. Dave had coiled the line so Scott was able to tie off the new segment of line quickly and release the buoy, sending the line up. We had a carefully coordinated and timed plan so then we headed back over to the shot line that was tied in. The boat had dropped off that so Scott pulled it while I prepped the weight and lift bag. We shot that whole line up to the surface. After retrieving that line the boat picked up on the mooring. That took 20 minutes so it left us another 20 of our planned dive to explore.

We took a nice tour of the stern area and then around the periphery and bow area, which is more debris field, but still interesting to poke around. There was a big wolffish hiding under a piece of wreckage. There was a fish under the winch too that looked like a decent size but I couldn’t make out what type it was. When it was time to head up, we made our ascent and completed deco. It was picking up a bit when we surfaced with a bit more swell and the rain had definitely arrived. It turned into a soaker of a day, so it was a good call we bagged the Pinthis. Still a great day of diving though on a nice wreck!