June 2, 2018

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With a questionable forecast just in time for the weekend, we had a reasonable degree of confidence we’d get out on Saturday, but get blown out on Sunday. With that in mind, and a forecast that was literally all over the place for Saturday, we decided to go to the Poling over the Nina T so that we could make it a quicker, efficient trip utilizing the mooring on the wreck instead of tying in and pulling a line, as we’d need to do for the Nina T.

A new, large opening in the deck of the Poling on the port side near the break end mooring.

Everyone was very early arriving with the last person arriving at 6:50 am (henceforth referred to as “the late arrival”). We got off the dock by about 7:15 or so and had a nice ride up to the Poling. It was flat calm. However, not long after arrival the wind shifted around to the N-NE and began to pick up. Dave, Eric and Tony splashed in first, followed by the others. It was actually a really nice day and warm enough for shorts and crocs. When Dave returned, we got the visibility report, which strangely ranged from 10 feet to “very good!” Um, OK.

Scott and I suited up and splashed in next. There was some current running on the surface and the wind was opposite the tide, so the lines were running down in an awkward way, but we arrived on the wreck to very nice conditions. I would say the visibility was about 30 feet, perhaps a little cloudy though. There was a mild current running on the wreck. We took a swim out to the break to see the new collapsed area again and take some photos. Then we entered the port side hold and explored in there – totally different now. We exited the wreck through the hole in the deck and then headed aft for a tour inside. Another lap around the wreck and we headed up just under 45 min bottom time. It was a very nice dive!

When we surfaced, the wind had considerably increased and a cancellation for Sunday was all but emailed out. We wrapped up, headed back and later that afternoon called the dive. The forecast for Sunday was not even a close call with NE 15-20 kts and 4-6 feet predicted. Instead, we headed south to Jamestown to Ft Wetherill to continue our P2 CCR class and intro to tech class. All in all a good weekend, despite the challenging weather.