May 20-21, 2017

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A round of nice, although cool, weather arrived in time for the weekend allowing for not one, but two day of diving. This has been a rare occurrence so far this year, as a rough winter continued into a rough spring. It’s hard to believe official summer is only about 1 month away. While the weather certainly was not “shorts weather” the conditions were good enough for a trip to the Poling on Saturday and the Snetind on Sunday.

Saturday brought more wind than expected and it was a bit sloppy with NNE wind, which lead us to opt for the mooring we recently installed on the Poling vs trying to get on the Nina T. Although the wind was blustery, conditions were otherwise decent with not much current and decent visibility. Sunday’s weather was markedly better with lighter wind, although cool enough that I wore some extra layers to keep warm topside. We had a nice ride out to the wreck and got a mooring installed, which will hopefully allow for several trips there before it’s broken or obstructed by gill netters. If you haven’t had the chance, check out our year-end newsletter for an article about the Snetind!

John looking good in his new drysuit.

Dave strikes a pose.

Other than that, there’s been various drysuit modeling going on as everyone receives their new drysuits from DUI. While a few of us are still waiting on our suits (including me), Dave and John are looking good in their new DUI FLX Extreme. After many years, we decided to part ways with the trusty CF200 for a lighter, more flexible drysuit.