October 28, 2017

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Divers suiting up for a dip on the Baleen.

For the final weekend of October, it appeared we had a short window of tranquil weather in between bouts of stormy weather. This all assumed the NOAA forecast would be correct, which is anyone’s guess it seems these days. Nevertheless, we planned to run, and developed a set of back-up options to dive depending on what the morning brought. Fortunately, this time the forecast seemed to be correct and the wind dropped out, resulting in about 10 knots of SSW wind for Saturday morning.

With that we gathered at the dock at our later departure time, now loading at 8:15 am to allow for a little more daylight and warmer temperatures (as the winter comes in). Illness and work conflicts cut into the group numbers for the day, but the rest of the group was keen to dive and it looked as though we’d make it to the Baleen. There is a mooring on the Baleen, which is rare for this late in the season, so we hoped to get the chance to make it there while it’s still present. We headed out and the conditions were not too bad; there was a light chop but the seas were otherwise pretty nice and the temperatures were mild. When we arrived on the Baleen, we located the mooring and got the boat set up for diving.

All in all, it was quite a nice day on the water, although visibility on the Baleen was only a dark 10 feet or so. I guess you can’t have it all in late October. The weather quickly deteriorated as the afternoon went on, with south wind picking up before the leading edges of the tropical storm, now Nor’easter arrived, wiping out our plans for Sunday. So it goes, but 1/2 is better than none.